Qdoba Mexican Eats

5 Reviews

Lily Misra
Oct 13, 2016

I go to this one all the time for last ten years that I am working in downtown. I am seeing prices going up, i guess that is normal around here, although gas prices are going down. Anyway I am willing to pay the extra price. but then I see the portions are going down at the same time. they barely give any meat. I just went there 10 min ago and lady server the cup of tortila soup. she only gave me half a cup of soup, that is outragous. i dont know if it is the server or the company is training them to give less and charge more. i like the taste and i go back but that totally stinks,

Kimberly Miller
Sep 7, 2016

The food was great. I like this much better than "others". The staff is fantastic. I left my purse and they went out of their way to locate me to get it back to me. Can't thank them enough!!

Jonathan Douglas
Jul 30, 2016

Pretty basic like any other "Mexican" fast food places. Good is fresh and tasty, but service is frustrating: often you have to repeat your order multiple times as you go down the assembly line of people making your order.

Sugandh Sinha
Sep 20, 2016

One of the fast food places I love to go for a quick lunch. I love their tortilla soups.

Tim Clegg
Aug 10, 2016

One of the last ones left. The crispy taco salad shell thing is pretty much the thing to get.