Tutto Italiano Restaurant

5 Reviews

Andrew K
Sep 27, 2016

Great place to take clients and visitors to Chicago! They have great food choices. I had their gnocchi with meat sauce recently. They give a lot! The gnocchi were soft and buttery on the outside with the meat sauce on top. Very delicious! You need to sit in the caboose section to get the full experience! They give you bread to dip in olive oil with shredded cheese as an appetizer while waiting on your entrees.

Michael Nikitochkin
Jul 2, 2016

The service was not good and on questions always tried mislead. There are no tea. Asked big tips without asking want we pay or not. But here you can drink a very good ESPRESSO. It is the first restaurant that cook it in Chicago. There are no kids menu. The prices are above average.

HouseCalls for Dogs & Cats
Oct 13, 2016

Great food and service. My husband loved his lasagna. Lots of interesting dishes on the menu. We have to come back!

Terry Dyer-Hoy
Sep 8, 2016

Our favorite nearby Italian venue due to reasonable pricing and amazing food

Courtney Earls
Jul 21, 2016

Food was excellent, wasn't very crowded, wine selection was great, had a timely server. Was slow at first but it gave us plenty of time to thoroughly look through the menu.