Jimmy John's

6 Reviews

Jun 2, 2017 17:22

Nice food :) !

Charles Viola
Jun 25, 2016

Freaky Fast, YES... Accurate, NO! For the fifth time in the last seven trips my order has been wrong. I ordered two sandwiches with a couple of extras and had the person repeat it back to me. When I picked up the order, the extras were noted right there on the receipt. Are these folks unable to read or are they just too busy gabbing with each other to pay attention..... I considered myself a regular customer but no longer. If I do go there again, I will eat "on site" so I can tell them face to face what is missing! Sad. They get one star because I had to....

Sam Campisi
Feb 23, 2016

I usually don't have an issue with this restaurant. Normally they are fast, nice and have great service overall. Just went im and they were quick as usual but they didn't seem to nice. Or like they were having a good time at all.

SkinnyMinny Ent
Apr 14, 2016

Everytime I get a sandwich here or someone gets me a sandwich here, the bread is always really tough & the chips are really hard. The sand which had barely anything on it. I have braces so I think today I ate my last jimmy johns sand which.

Glenn Harris
Feb 1, 2016

Very good sandwich shop. Sandwiches are good, staff is exceptional and they are FAST.

Jamie Fichter
Oct 16, 2016