Zankou Chicken

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George Anton
Oct 29, 2016

Another tip is that you can ask for half and half tri-tip and chicken tarna for the plates. My favorites are the beef shwarma, with rice, Hummus, garlic sauce, side salad, and taboule. I appreciate the falafel at Al wazir more than Zankou.

Preston Locklear
Jul 25, 2016

Amazing!!!! The decor and service is subpar but the incredibly flavorful food makes up for it. This is one of my go-to spots in Hollywood. Zankou never disappoints! :)

Faisal Enezi
Sep 23, 2016

Shawarma, Kebab, and Hummos is nice.... Falafel is not that perfect...

vince votan
Aug 19, 2016

The Tarna Chicken is the best. Marinated and spit roasted, the plate comes with hummus, tahini, salad, rice, pink radish, little banana peppers and pitas. Make sure you ask for a side of garlic sauce or two. The falafel is freshly made for all you vegans.

Daniel Ventura
Sep 5, 2016

Great costumer service im sorry CCC this is for bein racist