Engine Co. No. 28

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Amanda Skowronek
Oct 18, 2016

Great place for happy hour. Had two apps and a beer for less than 20. Unique atmosphere as it's hosed in an old Fire House. Would definitely go back! Great place to watch a game too.

Darren O
Aug 12, 2016

Unique location in an old firehouse. . Includes a fireman's pole . Old feel. Food was tasty. Great service.

William Mandrick
May 15, 2016

My only regret is not eating here years sooner. I have passed Engine Co. No. 28 a hundred times, and have always been drawn to the nostalgic building. Well...finally a friend of mine & I went last night; OUTSTANDING. First impressions; beautifully captured pre-war interior, gorgeous architecturally restored ceilings, all paired with a truly unique charm that confidently had me knowing this was going to be a great dinner. I ordered the 12 oz New York steak; honestly, I'm a filet only person due to a self proclaimed OCD disgust towards fatty, grizzly steak of any nature. However, this was not the case since I trusted our waiter. The steak had me ecstatic over flavor, its cut, and the precise way it was cooked per my request. My roommate ordered the meatloaf, and was beyond satisfied...already wants to come back next week. Finally, our waiter Chad was as cool & professional as can be. He answered every one of my (many) questions, without any hesitation or aggravation and followed up with us in PROPER, genius increments of time. The fact that he would more often than not walk passed us, assess if we were eating or just socializing and then not stop to interrupt because he read our cues that all was great was beyond REFRESHING. I appreciate that enormously...thank you Chad, that is how you check on & not overwhelm customers!! I will see you guys likely next weekend. TEN out of 5 stars for sure.

Limaris Quiles
Jun 20, 2016

Siplemente la comida espectacular!!!

Feb 18, 2016

From looking at the happy hour schedule, this place is in happy hour literally all the time. The only question that came to mind was when this place wasn't serving happy hour specials. I don't care if it's a ploy or not, I just like the idea of happy hour all the time. Walking about 2 blocks from home, I wasn't too worried about the parking situation here but this is downtown, so it already sucks. For those wondering, yes they still have the fireman pole, but the top is blocked off, so there ain't gonna be sliding down for a fast exit. Once the pizzazz wears out about dining in a former fire station, you may start to wonder where your food is. It take a bit long, and your server might be out there taking orders or even behind the bar mixing drinks. Our server was still super kool though, but the slow service and food prep makes a hungry stomach growl. -=-Happy Hour Food-=- So we sampled a bit from the HH menu. Pulled Pork Silders and Mac + Cheese were our picks. I probably wouldn't get the Mac and cheese unless you were feeding your 10 year old. It didn't bring anything special at all to the table despite the added bacon and blue cheese. Edible yes, but don't expect miracles. Pulled pork sliders, I could recommend atleast for being not dry. I would have sampled more, but decided to also get a burger from the dinner menu. -=-Dead Hippy Burger-=- The highlights here are bacon, avocado and poached egg. Everything good, and literally no way to mess this up. I dug it, but with the other dining options literally around the corner, I probably wouldn't head to Engine Co No 28 for the burgers alone. Other tempting menu items started dabbing into the $$$ range, but if the burger doesn't exactly fit, then I'll leave that territory to the other explorers. Verdict: Come and sample off the Happy Hour menu, but don't be in a hurry.