Pink's Hot Dogs

5 Reviews

ï§ç@ 69
Oct 13, 2016

I can't describe how impressive it is to watch the employees move the line of people and how efficient they are at remembering 95% of the details of all the orders they are fast friendly and their service is awesome the food is relatively inexpensive and the portions are big enough to share, It is a shame that most other establishments don't use this business as a model, life would be great and tips would be much better for them. Parking is not always easy but they have a good valet system.

Marcelle Waul
Sep 6, 2016

Be prepared for really REALLY long lines. Of course it's all worth it when you bite into your huge fresh juicy made special just for you hot dog. So many flavors in each bite! Definitely try to make the trip here every time I'm in L.A.

Mine Recommendation
Sep 8, 2016

Unbelievable dogs. You'll wait in line, I suppose unless you're the first, which you'll likely wait a bit then even. But, lawdy, the wait is worth it. Treat yourself and enjoy these famous dogs.

2 Minute Tour
Oct 7, 2016

The Best Hot Dogs in LA, nay, SoCal. I hate LA, but would drive up from Laguna Niguel just for a hot dog.

Abiel Correa
Aug 3, 2016

I always come here for the mayor dog which is delicious. Don't be fooled by the long lines, it usually goes by pretty quick. Their fries topped with nacho cheese and bacon are also really good and you definitely need to try their black cherry soda. This place is not just hype, their food is legitimately delicious.