Musso & Frank Grill

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Nicholas Recagno
Oct 4, 2016

Just for the history of this place the experience is definitely worth it. Although a little expensive they prepare an honestly good steak which you can dine in the a time machine of the early Hollywood golden days. The service was professional and not in your face, and particularly enjoyed the fact that there was parking at the back which is getting harder and harder to find in Hollywood. Ate an excellent dry aged porterhouse...which I struggled to finish. I was expecting Al Pacino to pat me on the back at least and say "God job, kid!"

Tim Gideon
Oct 23, 2016

Class act all the way. Incredible food with a sexy old school cool Hollywood interior, Musso & Franks is in a league of its own. Mouth watering steaks and hearty sides. The waiters even clear the bread crumbs off the table with a razor. This place is badass and always worth the $$$. And do everyone a favor, don't come in wearing a baseball cap, board shorts and crocks, you're better than that. This place is too nice for that B.S.

Arif Uddin
Sep 28, 2016

Well i booked 3 weeks in advance not knowing that thier 97th birthday of Musso&Franks Grill ,was open 1919 on September walk in a historic place and you say waoo and it is perfect place from ambiance to quality of food and service to waoo they are very accommodating we request for the tour of the restaurant they assigned a waiter with lots of Hollywood's history and knowing all the top names from Charlie Chaplin to alcapon steven Quinn Frank Sinatra and Maralin Monroe and rob low i have a recording of that tour. We were blown away the level of courtesy and hospitality on the way back to Orange county the who time we were talking about the place.i highly recommend this place for those people who like land mark and history visit at least once

Jerry Chan
Sep 4, 2016

What a great slice of Hollywood history! It's been a favorite celebrity hangout since the days of Chaplin...Charlie f-ing Chaplin! Easy to make reservations by phone or online via OpenTable. We got seated in Sinatra'a old booth, which was such a great treat. They've done a great job keeping the classic look of the place without it feeling dingy. Servers were excellent, and they keep the recipes simple and classic. Try the sandabs, a white fish and an old school favorite. Lived in LA for over a decade, and I'm ashamed to have waited this long to give this venerable institution a try. Will definitely be back. If only the area was as classy as this place.

Oct 9, 2016

Historic and classic decorations. Good meals but cost much. The service is just average.