Sherman Oaks Galleria

5 Reviews

Bobby H
Jul 11, 2016

S.O is my hometown and I've been coming here for a long while. I even worked at this place in HS. Everything you need from comfort food to a restaurant to a bar exists here +some other misc stuff. Theater is a bit expensive but the 24hr gym makes up for it (cleanest 24 in the city IMO) and parking is reasonable with validation....the only way it could get better is if validation from the gym added an extra hour

Sep 28, 2016

A great place to meet with friends and relatives. If you play Pokémon go, has more than a few pokestops. Is always a safe place when the sun goes down

Chris White
Oct 16, 2016

Nothing too great here. Food places are all decent, Arclight is on the lower end of the scale as far as Arclight's go. Everything is pricey because of its location.

Steve Hott
Apr 29, 2016

This is where I usually workout at 24 hour fitness so I spend a lot of time here... The other shops are ok. Would like to see a few more but the restaurants are Great ! Very good variety of styles and all have been really good so far in all ways. Parking is free for 2 hours with validation from any place you go and Valet parking makes it even more convenient. Plenty of outdoor seating also ! Enjoy... Aloha

Brian Villegas
Sep 15, 2016

Nice shopping center. Awful parking. I usually avoid this place *because* of the parking. Prepare to walk...far...which is tough when you're physically handicapped, or with someone who is.