The Ivy

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Marta J
Oct 12, 2016

We had lunch at the Ivy on Saturday October 8th and to my dismay when I had checked my bank statements today I discovered that I had been charged twice the second time slightly higher amount of the original $280 bill I paid. When I took up the issue with their account department they denied it happening. I have now send them the proof of both transactions am hoping for a swift refund of the money stolen from my card. In any case the experience of dealing with this kind of problem in such a 'prestigious' restaurant is disgusting. The woman has not even apologised about my negative experience nor has she confirmed any date of the refund happening. I will be bringing this issue up with the police soon if there is no solution. In any case I will never be going back to this place ever nor will I be recommending it to any of my friends

Brooke Layne
Sep 10, 2016

Dined here this lunchtime with family, food and service as expected. Bill arrived, $256 and some cents, including tax and gratuaties. Paid, left the building to wait for the car to be brought around, whilst standing there one of the waiters came out and said we hadnt paid enough, we owed 60c, we pointed out how much we'd paid (we had rounded it up to a straifht $257, then he accused us of not leaving a tip, again, we pointed out that the gratuaties were included and had been paid. He still insisted we paid a tip, by this time he was drawing attention to us all and so, extremely embarrassed, we handed over an extra $30 ... Appalling treatment! To be honest i'm not quite embarrassed for the restaurant ... This spoilt an otherwise lovely lunch. I can honestly say the guys at mels diner treat us far better than the staff at the ivy!!! Iv dined in various reataurants/diners etc and have never once experienced this!

Mary Brown
Aug 29, 2016

I love this place. The food is amazing and delicious. The atmosphere is very relaxing for a little cute place. The staffs are all lovely and friendly. Be back for dinner soon!

Cassandra Falk
Sep 3, 2016

I love the Ivy. It’s really a nice place to seen and a nice place to eat. The food was fantastic, awesome and very memorable for the price. You also have a chance of spotting a celebrity dining here. Definitely be back!

Carol Paul
Oct 4, 2016

My mom and I came here for dinner. The food was amazing, the service was great. The wait staffs were all lovely and friendly. Drinks great.