Philippe The Original

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Jul 28, 2017 14:44

@HYPHY yeah the best restaurant in this area :D

Jul 28, 2017 14:43


May 30, 2017 00:00

nice restaurant!

Phillip McGowan
Aug 23, 2016

Philippe's is a long standing tradition in LA, and not without reason. Their food has consistently delivered throughout the years. Best known for their amazing French dip sandwiches, they also provide a variety of standard deli options. Whether you're heading up the hill to catch a game at Dodger stadium or just in the neighborhood, Philippe is a must. Here's wishing them another century of success!

Chun-Chih Hu
Oct 26, 2016

The sandwich might not look pretty but it's just so good. Get it double dipped so it's not as dry and it'll create this wonder contrast between the crunchy exterior French roll and the melt in your aujuis part of the roll. Put some of their house Russian mustard and it's heavenly. It is truly a LA institution and it still has that old tyme vibe that's missing in most part of LA.

Katherine Colbert
Oct 20, 2016

Absolutely amazing every time. Recommend the N.Y. Pastrami or beef dip sandwich and the coleslaw is also great. Staff is friendly and food comes quick. A Los Angeles must eat.

Steve Bell
Aug 21, 2016

This is old Los Angeles. The food is excellent. (My favorite is the lamb dip sandwich!) You order at the counter and your food is prepared, by hand, right then and there. There are booths, but try the communal tables. This is a great place to have a meal before or after a Dodger game.

James Duke
Jun 21, 2016

Visited here while waiting to change Amtrak trains at Union Station. Easy 10 minute walk from the station and quick take-out service got us back in plenty of time to eat before getting on our train. It was 6:30 a.m., but I couldn't pass up the French Dipped. It was great! The beef was tender and the bread fresh (and just the right soggy). Also got an order of biscuits and gravy and some pancakes. Both were fresh and tasted terrific! I would recommend Philippe's to anyone looking for a quick meal from a local establishment.