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Dona Williams
Oct 16, 2016

Pier 39 was jumping. We were there on a Sunday before Columbus Day and happened to be the last day of fleet week. Fleet week featured the blue angels which was a nice unexpected treat but the crowds were ridiculous. We went back and enjoyed the pier on Monday Columbus Day and it was much better. Casual stroll lots to see. Plenty shopping and places to eat. Mini donuts stand is a must. Donuts melt in your mouth and served warm

David Yang
Oct 6, 2016

This place is amazing, as specially at night on an warm summer day. The atmosphere, lights and people are great. You could spend all day here with the many stores, restaurants, and amazing sights. Great stores, great food, and amazing views of the bay.

Lorraine Marks
Sep 18, 2016

Pier 39 is a great San Francisco tourist landmark. I visited Pier 39 quite a few years ago. The place was hopping. It is still hopping. The feel is not the same though. I can't put my finger on it but it just doesn't seem the same. It kind of lost its luster. Parking is way $$$!

rudy ramirez
Oct 17, 2016

Ok place, but nobody really seemed to be attentive of the customer which at the time was only us. 4 workers on the floor and not one came to follow up during our meal. Prices were ok too but for the service we got we actually left and didn't feel like ordering anything else. Made it feel like we were an inconvenience. The music kept acting up too.

Rebecca Urban
Jul 18, 2016

It's a tourist trap but in the best sense of the word. Unique shopping, great food, and activities that kids can enjoy. Stunning views of the harbor, and a bunch of great photo op stops. I would have given it five stars but it's enormous popularity can be make it super crowded. I recommend bundling up and checking it out on a rainy day. Better access to everything and you'll really appreciate the bowl of clam chowder.