Pinecrest Diner

5 Reviews

Junior Curbow
Aug 29, 2016

I have been eating here since I was a kid. Good food and service. Fairly priced. It has stayed open since 1969 for a reason. A pretty busy little place.

Akshat Patni
Nov 1, 2016

This is a 24 hour diner and one of the place you get decent food after hours. When you are studying late night, coming to the city or partying all night and do not want to have unhealthy food and want something filling and healthy, I think this is a good place. Jack in the box is also across the diner if you want that.

John Albert
Oct 8, 2016

This is an excellent place. It seems to be very full all the time and I think with good reason. The price is fair, the food is good, and although the pace of the staff is busy/quick, they are friendly.

Adonai Fernandes
Jul 11, 2016

Great Place! At the heart of downtown San Francisco the one place where you can find comfort food at it's best, hands down. Feeling like having breakfast at 9 PM, no problem. A lot of options for anyone looking for a sizable portion at a honest price.

Addison Karolick
Oct 13, 2016

Great 24 hour diner that serves pretty decent food. It's pretty pricey for a diner but it does the trick and is in a good spot.