California Pizza Kitchen at 53 Third Street

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Markus Schwarz
Jul 17, 2016

We went here one evening to take out some pizza and we really liked it. The wait was short, the pizza tasted very good. The restaurant is quite big, lots of seats available, but I understand it can be pretty crowded. We had to experience this on July 4th, when we went there a second time, this time to sit down and enjoy eating at their place. The wait for a table was supposed to be 15 minutes, and indeed after that amount of time we were seated at one of their tables. When the waitress came, big surprise: due to some problems, preparation of any food would take at least an hour or so. She wanted to let us know right at the beginning, so we could choose to leave. Since we had our 11 months old daughter with us we were very thankful for this honest information. We decided to leave, so we were unable to try their food, this particular behavior of the staff however was well worth to be mentioned as we really appreciated her honesty.

Jay Mehta
Jun 18, 2016

We have been to this place a couple of times for lunch. CPK is there in India as well and they serve some amazing pizzas. Over here, they live up to the reputation (or perhaps the other way round). Food: We've tried California Veggie and Shaved Mushroom Spinach lunch duo along with Grilled Veggie half sandwich and Super Spinach Quinoa salad. The food was good overall. Especially, we loved the super spinach quinoa salad. Great in taste and well balanced in terms of sweetness of apples and acidity of champagne vinaigrette. Pizza were good but not so great compared to what we had in India. Ambiance: It is quite a spacious place and adequate lighting. Being a chain, they tend to maintain similar arrangement everywhere. It is one of the places where you can go for fine dine. Service: Service was quite good and quick. The staff was well behaved. Nothing exceptional but they were good. Overall, it's a nice place to be.

Marilyn Sullivan
Jun 6, 2016

Horrible food. Horrible service. Dirty tables and dishes. Unfriendly host who tried to seat us at crappy back table. We asked for bright table in center or booth, and he actually said, "I tried those tables but no server wants to wait on you" Unbelievable stay away!!

Dexter Sudduth
Oct 18, 2016

My fiance and I rly enjoy this place..very good food and great service, we especially like the waitress Izzy..a must go place!!

Juicy Sweet
Aug 8, 2016

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