Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar

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Prachy Mohan
Sep 22, 2016

Drinks: I found all the drinks very sweet; both their special drinks and standard cocktails. Ambiance/Space: loved it! There's a pool inside with rain that comes on from time to time. When I went, there was a live band playing on a boat in the pool which was loads of fun. They have a dance floor where people from all ages are dancing! They've got high tables for standing as well as normal tables to sit. Entrance: there are two entrances; one from the main lobby of the hotel and the other is from the backside of the hotel.

Gloria Chou
Sep 1, 2016

The only reason there are any stars on this review is because of the awesome atmosphere. We went there for drinks and dinner and wound up with sugar and salt. The drinks were strong and sugary, which was tolerable... But the dinner was inedible, even to two weary and hungry travelers. Incredibly disappointed in the food and am now eating Jack in the Box, which is sadly superior.

Karen V Chin
Sep 20, 2016

This is the kind of place you bring a group of out-of-towners, local friends who claim this is "touristy," and / or foreigners (to watch for their facial expressions). If you love Tiki kitsch and love Disneyland's Enchanted Tiki Room show, this place is even better because it serves Asian fusion food, pupus and lots of foo foo fruity rum umbrella drinks. The live band comes in and out on a moving barge in the "lagoon" under a periodic tropical rainstorm with thunder and lighting. Very much a party atmosphere. People are friendly at the bar (maybe because of the all the rum being served). Plenty of picture /selfie taking moments within all this Polynesian campyness. Drinks are pricey (but it's not like you hang out here every night). Best bet is to uber because hotel parking is expensive! And trying to find parking in the Nob Hill is next to impossible.

Celine Gerakin
Sep 29, 2016

If you are not from San Francisco (and I mean out of state or the country) it could be a fun place to go. Otherwise it is just another tourist trap. There is a swimming pool (wait is California still suffering of a severe drought?!) And stupidly expensive drinks. But you get crazy long straws and all drink from the same big cup. Great way to break boundaries!

Robert Meyer
Oct 27, 2016

Food was good, Service was phonaminal at every level. It rivaled any place Ive been anywhere in the U.S. including high end restaurants. Really was something special to find anymore.