Tadich Grill

5 Reviews

Melina M
Sep 7, 2016

Phenomenal cioppino! I was also amazed at the speed of service; we showed up with no reservations in the middle of a huge dinner rush and managed to be back out the door in about an hour, never feeling rushed ourselves. It's not the cheapest place in the city but it's worth it.

Marlon Dy
Oct 1, 2016

Service is great, ribeye steak is perfectly cooked, shrimp curry is delicious, grilled branzino and sand dabs is very good. Custard rice pudding is just ok. It is worth a visit.

Daniele Orsini
Sep 24, 2016

You can t visit this place without having a cioppino!! Old style atmosphere, amazingly tasty food and very friendly staff make this place something you can t miss. Top choice in SFO!

Richard Hack
Oct 15, 2016

Very little personal contact with staff. Bartender forgot what you ordered, wait staff running so fast, barely had time to talk to you. Limited pasta options, mostly rice and potatoes. It was nice but not a memory maker like Fisherman's wharf on east coast. Manila clams were a winner, Tyler Florence should keep his opinions to himself.

David Shane
Jul 30, 2016

Great for seafood. Very extensive menu. The ingredients are simple but good. The preparations are old fashioned and even a little boring, but that's actually a good thing. Reliable and delicious.