The Cheesecake Factory

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Johnny Bravo
Sep 27, 2016

If visiting on a weekend, be prepared for a decent wait, and a even longer wait once you have been seated. Service is great when they are able to get to you, but if you're not in the mood to wait, then you're probably better off visiting another place. To get to the restaurant, you can either go up the elevator to the 8th floor or if you're going through the store, you can access the restaurant via an escalator once you're on the 7th floor. This place does have a decent amount of outdoor seating, but not a whole lot of shade. The food was as expected with other Cheesecake Factories.

Dean Loh
Oct 18, 2016

The Smokehouse BBQ Burger I had was out-of-the-world good - juicy patty, crispy bacon and onion rings! But what really made the experience wonderful was Wendell - the server who served us today. He was attentive and humble. I imagine how beautiful the world will be if everyone be like Wendell. Looking forward to visit the joint again and it had better be him who will serve us again!

Jerry Smith
Aug 26, 2016

Worse service ever. I made a reservation and I told them I was Jerry Smith. But the server looked at me as if I was nobody... I never felt so worthless. I was with my gf and it was such a bad look. But I'm happy I have such an amazing gf. She should really work here, instead of the server that "helped" me.

Peter Kalchgruber
Sep 7, 2016

Food was good, sitting on the roof terrace was wonderful, but service was not so good. There were plenty of free tables in the shade, although we asked twice politely for a table in the shade, the waitress denied us any of this free tables. After the meal, she did not ask if we want anything more to drink or eat and just plonked us the bill.

Jorge Ezquerro
May 26, 2016

After the first visit you will know what to expect perfectly. Long table wait, lots of tourists but very nice food for a very nice price. If lucky (and with a jacket on) you can enjoy a nice dinner outside. Highly recommend de Dip Beef Pit and the Cuban sandwich.