Greens Restaurant

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LadyMarry Weddings
Oct 24, 2016

Wow, this is such a perfect place to have your dream wedding!!! I am a wedding coordinator who had a wedding here. All of our guest, including the bride and groom, were highly impressed by the amazing view and food here. Plus, the ambiance is so romantic and intimate; the service is awesome too! Highly recommend to our new couples!!!

Graham Trummell
Oct 15, 2016

What a beautiful dining experience! How could one fail to enjoy a sunset view of the Golden Gate Bridge and an inspired menu of elegant vegetarian food? I can only describe Greens' atmosphere as "old San Francisco hippie meets black-and-white ball." The dining room is so elegantly furnished with redwood burl and the view so stunning that one easily forgets this is a reclaimed warehouse. Guests are warmly greeted and treated as distinguished VIP's by well-dressed staff - even when one arrives in jeans and a hoodie. Order anything - really. Even a simple salad is prepared and dressed so lovingly that you'll covet the last bite. Vegetarians and vegans have long known and loved this restaurant. The chanterelle mushroom pasta is so rich, meaty, and delectable that meat eaters will quickly forget there are no animals on the plate. I thought the skewers would also make a great meal for carnivores dining with their vegetarian friends.

Maria Ekstrand
Sep 16, 2016

Great selection of locally produced, organic vegan and vegetarian dishes in a beautiful setting. The restaurant is located in Fort Mason, with a gorgeous view of the Marina and Golden Gate Bridge. Can be rented for private parties as well.

Fabien Curto Millet
Sep 10, 2016

This is a very special restaurant in SF offering fine vegetarian cuisine. The highlight is clearly the food. Many of the dishes are delicious, and the restaurant is set in a nice space with beautiful views on clear days - seals in the marina, boats, the Golden Gate in the distance etc. I like that they offer a fine non alcoholic Gew├╝rztraminer grape juice - a great option when you need to drive. Service is most often friendly but can be hit and miss, especially on the front of house side. They have a to go counter with very decent options. Paid parking is normally plentiful at the Fort Mason lot just outside.

Shawn Hardy
Jul 25, 2016

This makes me sad to write but I feel compelled to do so after a recent return to Greens after many years away. I used to get lunch at Greens back in the mid-90's when I was an art student taking classes at Fort Mason. I loved it there. I was excited to take my daughter to dinner here and we sat right next to the window in the far corner. It was a lovely spot because we had the pleasure of watching a seal bobbing up and down in the water. It was gray and misty and we really enjoyed the view. We had a lovely server (I wish I could remember his name). He was nice and very good to us. My rating is based on the prices of the food for what we received. We ordered pupusas as an appetizer and received three that were just slightly larger than silver dollars. I recently went to a local food cart here in Eugene, Oregon for authentic pupusas that were three times the width and three times the thickness, and they cost me $2.00 each. I understand that this is a different setting, and this was an appetizer, but my daughter and I could hardly believe that we were about to pay $15 for those three pupusas. We also ordered a pasta dish to share, thinking that we were going to get a large plate of food for $20. Wrong. We got a plate of Pappardelle in a cream sauce that was too watery. Morel mushrooms were listed as the first ingredient after the heading, followed by peas, spinach, asiago, grana padano, and pepper flakes. What I remember most is watery sauce and peas. Peas should be the second ingredient listed. We were laughing at the plate because it had five small mushrooms on it, no longer than 1-1/2". I cut one in half so we'd have equal amounts. Our server brought the dessert menu but we knew better. We went to Ghirardelli and got something a bit more substantial there. Never again. This is not the Greens I remember from days of yore. The prices definitely reflect a different time. I used to be able to afford to eat here but not anymore--not for the serving sizes. I can honestly say that this is the most I've ever paid for such minuscule portions of food. I'll stick with my other favorites next time I'm in San Francisco. There are so many fantastic restaurants with delicious food, that are much more reasonably price. And you get what you pay for. :)