Zuni Café.

5 Reviews

Dave Bledin
Aug 6, 2016

Roast chicken is justifiably popular, and everything else we ordered was very tasty. Service was great. Restaurant is much bigger than the ground floor... Quite a few rooms upstairs.

Daniel Whelan
Sep 7, 2016

There are two reasons people go to Zuni - their roast chicken for two, and their burger. I suppose there might be more, but start with those two and some fries. This restaurant has truly stood the test of time in the frantic SF scene, and continues on strong. Note: burger is only available for lunch, or after 10PM!

Rodrigo Bernardo Pimentel
Aug 3, 2016

Very good food - their signature roast chicken is well worth it. Good drinks as well, though my dry martini was slightly disappointing. Helpful and accommodating staff. One noticeable downside that there aren't any baby changing stations at all.

omer hussain
Sep 3, 2016

Ambiance was okay, but the steak, sliced, not whole, was under-cooked, even for a medium rare order and was chewey, even after they cooked it a bit more. Conciliation order was shrimp, which came whole and I was advised to chew on the entire thing (including the head), which looked gross. Salmon was good and the evenly-priced wine was excellent. Service was excellent. I'll eat steak back in NYC!!!

Mike Post
Jul 16, 2016

Just a shell of what it once was. The space is still beautiful, but the food and service were awful. The Cesar salad was overpowered with lemon and the lettuce was wilted. The pork chop was salty and undercooked. The server disappeared for 20 minutes at the end of our meal. Judy Rodgers would be horrified and the current operators should be ashamed of themselves.