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Charley Wiggins
Sep 7, 2016

There was dis dude named Carlos and he was like have some marshmallows yo my name's Carlos and I work at teavaaaaaaaaaaana try some tea and he was a cheeser and zee tea was very tea-ee

Brittany-Elise .J
Dec 24, 2015

This is one of the first legit tea shops I've been to in Rochester. I really am a tea drinker but usually get my tea from the market. All I have to say is that one of the workers there was awesome! His name was Erin and he was very helpful. Even when he tried to sell me more he wasn't pushy about it. I went there to buy a Christmas tea set and they were for a pretty good deal. I would have rated them a four if only their tea was a little cheaper per oz. Other then that I can't complain about the establishment or their staff.

Dylan Coleman
Dec 26, 2015

best tea and amazing tea accessories. I have never had an unpleasant experience with this store.

tishara montgomery
Jul 21, 2015

Teavana is the best place to place to get refreshing tea's it's better than store tea's

Breanna Lombardo
Jul 22, 2016