Noah's Bagels

5 Reviews

Katja Jurczak
Oct 19, 2011

It's on Market St, Embarcadero Market.. The service is not very good, not very friendly. they're pretty stressed out and don't even get the names right. instead of Richard we got Frederick. Not even close:) But anyway. It's good for a quick stop. I love bagels. But I had better ones. There's also no restroom which is not cool!

Bill North
Nov 7, 2012

They really need to improve how customers wait in line to order food. The restaurant has two entrances and one long counter. This morning, I found myself waiting in line between the two entrances along the long counter. A guy came in the cash register entrance and quickly ordered coffee in front of me. This prompted me to move closer to the register. A few seconds later, a different employee was helping another customer behind me at the ordering line. It was finally my turn after throwing up my hands. This is not the first time this happened. Three months earlier, the same thing remarkably happened and I complained. The employee said "this is why we have signs". That employee didn't realize that her co-worker had helped another customer in front of me. This prompted me to stop visiting this location. I'm going to try to avoid this store in the future.

Eric Thompson
Sep 5, 2012

Ordered toasted bfast sandwich and received untoasted sandwich. Took 1 bite before I noticed and asked for it to be toasted. The manager said they could not toast it since I took 1 small bite. I then asked for a new sandwich. The manager then made a half of a sandwich and tried to pass it off as a whole sandwich. When I confronted her on this she back peddled and tried to say that she was not the one who made it when I clearly saw her make it. Not only was she a liar, she tried to throw her co-worker under the bus. These people are liars and cheets. I would stay far away from any of these places if these are the type of people they employ.

Rob Evans
May 15, 2012

Nice place, quieter than the one up the street. Good bagels and coffee, no restroom.

Galen Chiu
Apr 20, 2013

great food at a good price.