Northern Spy Food Co.

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Lady Ace
Nov 19, 2015

Lapin and I came to this airy restaurant for dinner. The eatery constantly updates their menu and sometimes it's different online and in the restaurant. We made reservations but we still had to wait for a bit. The place was packed with people constantly being asked to wait for seats. Lapin ordered the Beef Tartare ($17) which he enjoyed. I ordered the Rock Shrimp soup which was okay. It had unique taste and texture but after a couple of bites -- I was done. We ordered the Ricotta pita ($13) to share and enjoyed it. Lapin got the Albacore Tuna ($27) and liked it. I had the Roasted Chicken ($27) and thought it was a bit dry. There was nothing special to it. Lapin got the Poached Pear ($9) and I got the Warm Chocolate Tart ($9). They were okay but the poached pear to me tasted better the next day. The food is tasty but nothing noteworthy especially with the price. I do love the ambiance, the good service and the decor so I might visit again when they change up their menus. Do note, the name is after the type of apples that grow upstate (although, I never seen them featured on the menu)..

Aaron Vigliotti
Nov 18, 2015

Food is different but exceptional. It is a great place for any occasion for dinner. Location is quite and in a great part of Alphabet City.

Amy Ciavolino
Nov 16, 2015

Best slightly southern brunch. Thier menu rotates, but it's always good.

Aaron Taylor
Nov 25, 2015

Cozy hometown brunch spot with delectable buttery biscuits and crafty cocktails. Come hungry, leave needed an angioplasty.

Dec 6, 2013

I hate to commit but this might be my favorite restaurant in NY. Although it is small I have always been seated and I have never been served anything I didn't absolutely love. The attention to freshness and detail makes every mouthful an experience. It's not the kind if food you would make for yourself unless of course you had all day to really put a tremendous amount of thought and energy in to it. After I finish eating my soul feels fed as well. That being said Haters gonna hate you can't please everyone.