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John-Paul Palace
Oct 12, 2016

Not much on the menu, but with a chicken parm like that what else would you need. perfectly cooked chicken with just the right amount of sauce and mozzarella, on a delicious sesame roll!!!! Not cheap but that is what you will get in Nolita.

Mike Liu
Sep 5, 2016

Best chicken parm sandwich I've had. The chicken is thin and double-stacked on a roll and the sauce has a bit of sweetness to it. Only disappointment is they took away the smashed and crispy potatoes from the menu. Those were so good we figured out a way to replicate them at home.

Jaina Bowne
Jul 12, 2016

I've been a Parm fan for years. The menu is small but perfectly concise. Of course the chicken parm is the star, but do yourself a favor and start with some fried calamari, the house salad, and some french fries. Obviously you're ordering the entree of chicken parm with the spicy pasta on the side.

Thomas Ho
Jul 16, 2016

The food was not that good but service was very quick. We got the chicken parmesan and meat ball parm. I think it's highly over rated and over priced. For starters, the chicken Parm barley had any chicken in it. The meat ball parm was much better. I feel like I could have gotten a much better sandwich of this type in any Italian neighborhood in any borough. Now that I have satisfied my curiosity, i will not be coming back.

Rowan Day
Mar 6, 2016

The better side of comfort food in kitsch decor. The sandwiches are so good. Very filling and all the comfort you need to beat the meanest hunger. Great staff too and a good spot to stop for a beer.