Cafe Select

5 Reviews

Eric Kramer
Oct 21, 2016

Great place to people watch. Go to the secret bar in the back through the kitchen. Food is good and reliable. Cool date spot.

Elodie Mabileau
Oct 15, 2016

Terrible place. I came here twice and service is extremely slow. The portions in the plate are very small without much taste.

Frank Stathes
Oct 6, 2016

Great ambiance, friendly staff, large selection of wine and beer. The duck egg toast is phenomenal. Sneak though the kitchen into the back room cash only bar for some dancing under the disco ball.

Luo Amy
Apr 27, 2016

Was waiting 45 minutes in the rain worth the wait? I'd say so! It was the service that I was disappointed with. The Carnegie Deli is a pretty small restaurant space, with tables pushed together. We were seated at a long table with two other parties with us, so if you're looking for a private meal or romantic dining, this isn't the place for you. We were served pickles when we sat down, and the half sours were delicious! The perfect saltiness to cucumber ratio. I ordered the matzoh ball soup, and my husband ordered the corned beef sandwich. After he was served his sandwich (with bread on the side because the server didn't understand our question about bread), I waited an additional 10 minutes for my soup. However, the other party at our table, who had ordered right after us, was brought their soup at the time my husband was served his sandwich. When I asked our waitress about my soup, her response was quite rude, along the lines of "ma'am, I'm serving this table and that table and that table and I'm only one person." Eventually I received my soup, and then the wait was still on for our drinks (and all other parties at our table were in the same boat). About 10 minutes after receiving our food, our drinks were served-disapppointing service. In terms of the food, the matzoh ball soup was very tasty. I was served two very large and fluffy matzoh balls, with the broth served in a small jug on the side. The broth was salty and very flavorful. The corned beef was served piled high, and was nice and warm, chewy and not overly salty. The food was good quality, and it was like I had remembered from dining here years before. Our waitress told us she has worked there for 26 years, so I'm hoping next time I come back, I have a different server!

seen jee
Mar 29, 2016

Dirt cheap dim sum that is rarely crowded compared to JingFong or Golden Unicorn but is still extremely workable. Very few non Chinese go here but it is comparable in quality to the standards. I would go here before the LES post-college crowd figure out that there is a dim sum restaurant right underneath the Manhattan bridge. :) No particular dishes are special here, but their 'zha leong' (fried dough in rice noodle) is pretty good compared to Golden Unicorn, whose version tends to lack crunch.