Westville Hudson

5 Reviews

Danan Coleman
Sep 12, 2016

I liked the food here quite a bit. It was very fresh and delicious. The ambiance was a little bit loud, even when the place was only half full. They offered a lot of gluten free and veggie eater options and even though I don't eat vegan, the options looked delicious and if I was vegan I'd totally want to eat here. The servers were all nice people and did an excellent job.

Nisha Broodie
Oct 15, 2016

Excellent no fuss place for great tasting food. We went for brunch at 3pm on a Saturday and were immediately seated. Large portion sizes. I agree with the other reviewer, the music is too loud but it didn't spoil the experience.

Christian M.
Aug 18, 2016

Nice place with good food. Unfortunately they try to trick you with the happy hour. We ordered the margaritas that were on the happy hour menu. When we paid the margaritas were full price so we asked the waitress why and she told us that only the margaritas on the rocks are on happy hour not the frozen ones not - so you have to pay more because the ice went through a blender?

Jaina Bowne
Jul 16, 2016

I had the chicken tenders and fries with honey mustard. I really enjoyed the honey mustard it was handmade and very tasty. Other's at the table had eggs with toast, A fish sandwich, and I believe a BLT. Everyone seemed very satisfied. A favorite was the mint tea lemonade, highly recommended.

Jason Mather
Jul 11, 2016

Take my folks here whenever they're in town because the market plate of vegetables is always fun and makes for a nice, light, healthy meal. If you get there before 7 (I think?), there's also a decent drink special which makes for a fun, easy dinner. The mains are somewhat hit and miss, and the pricing can be a bit high, especially for the mains which are a miss, but sometimes you get lucky with the specials and it's a very good meal for a reasonable price. If you happen to be there for lunch, the Reuben is pretty good as well, though sadly not available for dinner, so I haven't been able to have it in quite awhile, but I do remember liking it :)