Croxley's East Village Ale House

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Jose Peralta
Oct 20, 2016

As much as I used to love and praise this bar, things have gone down hill in the recent months. I used to come all the time then one day the bartender snaps at me because she having a bad day and having trouble pouring beer. The price of the wings have gone up, which was fine, but the taste has gone down. Like bad. Like cheaper version of Tyson nuggets bad. I liked coming here. but the atmosphere, bad attitude, and bad service (food included ) have strayed me away. Will tell others to avoid and find somewhere else to go for my chicken craving. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Thomas Toth
Oct 25, 2016

What a joke the wings were tonight! We've been here before and enjoyed the wings, but tonight they were pathetically tiny. Whoever allowed them to be served should be fired. Having fun watching everyone around us laugh and laugh at the size of the wings. Management should be ashamed of themselves. Pathetic! You lost a lot of customers tonight.

Aug 11, 2016

Came in on 8/11/2016 around 4:30-5:00pm, The Bartender was so rude. Wanted to order food she was being very extra and she was acting like she was annoyed by me and by wife when we wanted to order food and drinks. Now we come here all the time and eat & drink here we love it but my experience was by far the worst experience I've ever had. First we ordered a pitcher and she didn't even bring it to the table she left it at the bar for us to get it for are selfs cool. Than she was acting so rude to us and was talking to her friends all day didn't ask if we need water or if we were ok. She was to busy talking about her ex boyfriend and not focusing on her customers. Than next we went to pay for the food she tells her friends out loud that she hates when people don't tip directing that towards us because we didn't tip her she was rude and snotty. So I tip the guy that brings out the food and ask us if we wanted water. He was a Mexican or Spanish guy really nice dude. I will Never Repeat Never come here again !

Jennie Drygulski
Jun 15, 2016

How do I love Croxley's, let me count the can't find a cheaper wing deal than this! Their wings aren't the meatiest but 20 wings for $6.00 is an absolute steal. They have an AMAZING beer selection - I love their house pumpkin brew during the fall. I took a star off because they've raised their prices for the wings in the last year which is a travesty, but again, STILL SO CHEAP.

Mei Ly
Apr 8, 2016

One of my favorite place to hang out although the the wings are not as super great as it used to be. Still really great. Many beers choose from and great service. Best of all, wings are 20 cents.... Wow... Where can you get this?