Puck Fair

5 Reviews

George Birnbaum
Jan 1, 2016

Quaint two level bar and restaurant. Wide beer selection. Usually end up here since it's next to the F train. Prices are moderate and the bartenders are usually nice. Can be crowded with standing room only. Often end up downstairs at the lower bar.

Chris McCormack
Feb 9, 2016

Great vibe, cool staff, huge selection of veers and solid food

Théo Blochet
Nov 16, 2015

A good Irish pub in Soho. Staff is always very attentive (sometimes too much?), and will make sure you have all you need. Do give the food a try. Large selection of beers. They also have some space downstairs, most welcome when upstairs (ground level) is packed. The only thing I wonder about this place is who picks their music. It changes style every song. Hard to associate it with the place's style.

Dylan Rogers
Jun 13, 2015

I find this place is cooler, style wise, than the average Irish pub. Its not as touristy. Its nice and chill in the day time. I haven't been at night yet. The food is good. I definitely recommend it.

Tim Faustini
Jan 15, 2015

You can't go wrong with almost any of the beers on tap. Great bar for conversation. They only have two TVs so you can watch them if you want, but you can easily ignore them. It's also not too loud, so you can hear your company. Prices are on the more expensive end, as far as NYC pubs go, but it's not unreasonable.