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Dwight Simmons
Mar 6, 2016

Truly a terrible experience. I went there with my family for Thanksgiving Dinner. The food was appalling. The dinners looked and tasted like they were scooped out of frozen TV dinners. Each dinner looked exactly the same. The Turkey tasted like cardboard. An overpriced waste of time.

Jamie Breitfeller
Mar 5, 2016

Even though I've lived in Brooklyn for 25 years this was the first time that I went to this restaurant went there after my friend's daughter's confirmation the food was amazing the service was great especially that we had like 15 people and one server everything was still fast served right which I was very impressed you would think with that many people that it would have been slow but not at all the service was amazing I highly recommend this restaurant now it's one of my favorite thank you for the good food and service and the atmosphere is so relaxing quiet and enjoyable and all the staff was very nice

Jim Lake
Dec 15, 2015

Comfortable atmosphere. The service was attentive and diligent, if a bit nervous (I think my server may have been new at this). Overall, the dinner food is bland for the high prices. I had bland mashed potatoes, mushy carrots, ordinary crab cakes, and a "salad" that's just a pile of not-so-crisp iceberg lettuce, all followed by a burnt cup of coffee. The soup was tastier than canned, but only slightly. This place would be great if it was in the diner price range, but for 40 bucks I'd hoped for something better.

Robert Fernandez
Oct 25, 2016

Fantastic when it's on. Good when it's not.

Dan Lee
Nov 21, 2015

I like this local hangout, has some decent bar deals for food and the wings are also stuffed into my face with joy. Try them. Wish they had a wider range of beers on tap though and something a little more exotic. Always accommodating to having your teams sport on the screen in the bar.