5 Reviews

Anthony Dodero
Oct 16, 2016

Love this place! Great German beer bar with exceptional food. Sad it's in its on its way out. You'll be missed...

Christine Leverett
Oct 31, 2016

Just one of those places you find yourself going back to. Thursdays there is a great live musician who takes requests And the pizza is pretty tasty.

Michael Cervoni
Sep 18, 2016

Slow Sunday afternoon and sat at the bar for 5 minutes just to get noticed, meanwhile several of the waitresses where chatting about cats. Ordered a burger. Took 20 minutes to come out. Ordered medium rare - it was very rare. Asked for my money back not problem. Never received an apology or a thanks for coming Not the bartenders fault on the burger, but slow and not thoughtful as it relates to customer service. Still charged me for the $2 for the seltzer water. Don't think I'd waste my time here again. There are so many interesting places to eat in the neighborhood. Good luck!

Jun 19, 2016

Came in on Saturday. Beautfiul day, windows open, etc, etc. Family was in town. We've been here once before and recommended it! Had a wonderful experience until the bill came. (I'll get to that later.) My brother-in-law and I each had the Landbier. Very delicious. (The server was also friendly about letting me sample a couple other beers before making my decision.) My sister had (I believe) the house Pinot. Good serving size.

Nicholas Graham Platt
Sep 5, 2016

This place puts the Deutsche in Deutschlishious. It's a solid beer house with decent sausage I wouldn't write home about the food but I like the atmosphere and the beer selection