The Triple Crown Ale House

5 Reviews

Daniel Caffarel
Oct 29, 2016

This seemed like I nice sports bar. Horse racing theme was cool. Nothing special about prices, service, atmosphere.

TJ Cantwell
Jul 2, 2016

Absolutely love this bar. It is big so going with groups is awesome. I work right down the street and this is our go to after work or even for special occasions. Food is great, drinks are always made right, and the staff is always friendly and inviting. Recommend this place for a drink, party, or dinner!!

Garrett Ottoaz
Oct 27, 2016

Pleasant time. Not to busy. Irish pub with actual Irish bar tender. Irish stew very good. Large portion with side of bread.

Lady Ace
Mar 14, 2016

Meh. I came here with some coworkers after work for some drinks. My coworkers ordered turkey burgers with french fries and sweet potato french fries along with beer. They enjoyed their food and beverages. I ordered chicken tenders with french fries and a soda. My food was good and on par with typical bar food. When I ordered my soda, I forgot to say Coke and the waitress never asked. Instead she decided to bring soda water and when I asked what that was she gave me a bunch of attitude -- saying she won't take it back. I drank a sip and it was gross. She finally took it back only to give me grief and attitude (and charged me for a coke). She was nice to one of my male coworker and the rest of us she ignored (me especially). The other waitress were nice though.

Greg Boz
Sep 5, 2016

Pretty standard Irish pub option in nyc. Food is a little expensive for what it is. Reliable though.