5 Reviews

Peter Petrov
Sep 12, 2016

More than 200 types of Scotch, knowledgeable staff, and great atmosphere. Favorite spot for an intimate catchup

Eric Borlaug
Oct 1, 2016

Very good restaurant with impeccable service. Drinks are very special.

Victor Aguilar
Jul 27, 2016

For a late night stroll through Greenwich, this place is quiet and nicely furnished. The obvious highlight was the excellent choice of whiskies. A glass of cold Glenmorangie.

CP Thangaraja
Apr 9, 2016

Very good collection of scotch. They have a very huge menu book. Here's a suggestion: don't bother reading through the menu. Just explain your taste, they will suggest you a drink.

Lady Ace
Sep 25, 2015

Lapin and I passed by this scenic Scottish gastropub and thought we should stop in for a bite. The restaurant wasn’t very packed and they were very accommodating. We were seated in one of the nooks where it’s almost like sitting on a windowsill. With excellent views for people watching and the shrubbery enclosing on the windows it felt magical. Our waiter was splendid, he was patient, attentive and very informative. We made note that Lapin had a lactose issue and they were able to swap out a couple of things in his food for him. We ordered the blue crab and prawn toast ($16), a bit on the pricey side but it came with a generous stuffing of meat on a piece of bread. I do wish they gave one more sliver of bread though. Lapin ordered the whisky barrel smoked pork chop ($26) and he got mashed potatoes instead of mac and cheese. He said the meat was succulent and tasty. I ordered the crispy red seared grouper ($25) but they ran out and I got the striped sea bass instead. It was still a very delicious entree. We got the Molten Lava Cake ($8) but instead of Bourbon we asked for Hazelnut gelato instead. Lapin had to take 8 lactose pills but still wanted to eat every single drop of that hazelnut gelato. The food was amazing, the service top-notch, and the ambience magical. It’s definitely worth the trip but go early, the place gets crowded quite quickly.