The West End Lounge

5 Reviews

Annie Tobin- Kreiser
Aug 25, 2016

**TO ANY ASPIRING PREFORMERS: Go elsewhere!!!*** You won't be actually judged by your talent. This establishment is doing SO poorly, that you're talent won't be determined by the panel of estimated (but clearly uninterested judges) but by the amount of food and drinks the people you bring buy (on top of the two drink minimum) The extra star is for the host who was actually enjoyable. Service was OK if you like having to wave down your server everytime for them not to remember your soda. BUT if you're looking to add something to your resume do yourself a favor and go somewhere dignified. That's what you deserve.

Joseph Witte
Jul 6, 2016

Meh. Dead as a door nail when the sun is out. A few local lushes yelling over the jukebox, and ogling the young lady barkeeper. I don't understand why this bar is listed in Next Magazine as a gay bar. Oh, one night a week they seem to have a drag show. Avoid if you're expecting an actual gay bar.

Dakota Deady
Oct 26, 2016

Lots of fun, tasty drinks. Great atmosphere. Enjoyable shows and entertainment.

Nicholas Mauro
Jul 11, 2016

Service and food are meh but the live music is great. Check out VYT Jazz monthly

Khush Bath
Jul 31, 2016

DO NOT ORDER ANY FOOD ITEM, just go for drinks and live music. Only the Bartender works rest all people just walk around doing nothing.