Toast Uptown

5 Reviews

Leighton Minor
Aug 12, 2016

Where do I start with this place? The burgers? Delicious. Order the Buffalo Chicken burger and thank me later. The drinks? Fantastic. New stuff every week with a heavy dose of local brews from around the city. The service? Attentive, friendly, and just all around great. My friends and I have used this place as our go to Tuesday night hang for 4 years running. We've tried some other places, half the guys live in Brooklyn, and yet we just keep ending up here because it's top notch. 5 stars.

Tunesia Monique
Sep 22, 2016

I really wish there were a deliver service:( Ok, now to the good stuff. LOVE the food here. I've been coming here for about 6 years, and they get it right everytime. I usually get the sautéed salmon and lemon butter, Mac & cheese, side of spinach, and most recently the house smoked salmon, mesclun salad and sweet potato fries, Delicious. The only constructive criticism I have is, if someone is ordering food, utensils should be automatic, the customer should not be asked if they need them. This happened to me, and after I said I need utensils, there were none in the bag. All and all great eatery, friendly staff, clean venue, reasonably priced. Maybe next time I'll dine in and finally try a cocktail. I'd definitely recommend to a friend. See you soon:)

Arielle Tandowski
Aug 28, 2016

The menu is limited, but the food is really good. The service is excellent, the waiters are fast, efficient, and unobtrusive. I had the Eggs Norway and their smoked salmon is awesome and they give so much! Good place for Sunday bruch.

Aaron xu
Oct 1, 2016

The food was good and the ambiance was nice until the server ignored us later in the evening and we felt forced out. The fries have some spice to them, reminding me of how people I knew in NC who like their fries a little hotter have them. My date and I were a bit irked by that but they seem like a decent neighborhood place; just don't violate the basics of not even asking if someone wants dessert & taking so long to bring the check your customers are thinking they could dine & dash with no trouble at all.

Taquasia Wilson
Sep 4, 2016

I just received the most disgusting service ever from this place. My food came without the macaroni and cheese & without utensils to eat. I was put on hold and the manager came on the phone and told me that basically the hostess didn't include that in my order and that they don't normally deliver to where I am but the hostess is new and didn't know that. so basically, there was nothing he could do for me. On top of that I asked for ranch with my wings and received spoiled blue cheese and the delivery guy delivered my food without a pen and asked me to watch the food while he went downstairs and got a pen. Not to mention the food is TASTELESS. NEVER ORDERING FROM HERE AGAIN.