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justin justin
Oct 22, 2016

wow wow wow is all I can say. this place is reminiscent of Tao or Buddakan and yes it is just as expensive if not more!! from outside you cannot so this is a restaurant that is why there is bodyguard outside with a long rope which makes it look like a underground club. go downstairs to the long long but very gorgeous hallway and check in with your reservationist and we were seated promptly. of course it's restaurant week which is why we came we would never be able to afford this without it. Service was quick and impeccable and the servers were very attentive and very knowledgeable about the menu and cuisine. for appetizers I got the crispy dim sum and he got the steamed dim sum which were fantastic. it came with three different sauces soy sauce spicy sauce and sweet tangy sauce. we then went on to the entrées. we both got the stir fry black pepper ribe eye entrees which came with greebs which were fantastic and rice and eggs. I found the dish mediocre. Good thing it was resturaunt week because i would have been pissed off because of the price. Would i be back? Only if i turn into a millionaire or someone treats me lol

Satu Vanska
Aug 12, 2016

The food has seems to have gone down (it used to be quite good). The cocktails were overly sweet. The dumplings are mediocre now. Sommelier who doesn't know wine. The nightclub-vibe has taken over the quality of the main act. Also, the prices are up.

Anthony Muljadi
Apr 22, 2016

The food is definitely fusion / Americanized. It is good but the prices are definitely high end and you could probably find equally delicious Chinese food elsewhere. That said, the service is very good and the atmosphere is fantastic.

Jun 24, 2016

What can I say - it's hakkasan - only but the best when you eat here. Place looks awesome, drinks were great and food was really tasty. Tue waiter that served us was awesome. That's another hakkasan ticked off the list

Alfredo Acosta
Oct 28, 2016

All I had was a beer because time constraints but the staff is very friendly & attentive. The beer was ice cold in the frosty glass. I will be back.