Son Cubano

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Heather Teicher
Oct 23, 2014

This is a bizarre spot. Gorgeous decor, pretty good food, and it's always empty. You could walk in here with 50 people and take the place over. They have a private party room upstairs, but I've thrown parties downstairs and had a blast. The people are a little annoying to work with if you're making a rez, but the experience is great once you're all there and have this gaudy, white leather Miami looking bar to yourselves!

Mary Lou Barber
Jun 21, 2013

Son Cubano is elegant and welcoming. The decor is gorgeous and the servers are friendly and attentive. I understand the reminiscent atmosphere taking you back to the elegance of a Havana supper club. Great to go there. My friends and I had a lovely time and enjoyed the food and the ambiance and service. We only have one complaint. At the time we were dining there were only a handful of people there and yet the music was so loud we found ourselves shouting to hear each other. I'm hoping that the owners will take this seriously. I know late at night when it's time to party that that is a different atmosphere. But when people are just quietly dining and want to talk and there are few partons, the management should take that into consideration. My hat is still off to the creation of a beautiful breath of nostalgia.

Dennis P
Jul 23, 2013

My wife and I came up from Maryland for a cousins wedding on Friday. This was the place we went for dinner before the wedding. Our party of 18 were welcomed and well accomodated. The staff made us all feel like VIP'S. They were all very warm and friendly. We all ate, drank, laughed and then danced all night. Great classy atmosphere. Plan on going back next time we're in the Big Apple.

Jean Masse
May 3, 2013

When this place was in the meat packing district it was great. Friday evenings was off the hook. Food was very good. Can't wait to see the re opened location

Alexandra Spirer
Mar 11, 2014

Amazing decor I felt like I had gone back into time. The food and drinks were amazing and a fun place to celebrate a special occasion or birthday!