5 Reviews

Erick Ekholm
Sep 11, 2016

Service was good, but for a starter, even before menus was shown, the servant asked if we wanted a glass of water while reading the menus - ok then, and we ended up getting charged $9+tax for a bottle of water.. The pasta meals we ordered looked good but tasted absolutely nothing. We where both very disappointed, had to put on a lot of salt and pepper (only options we had at the table) to make it taste anything at all. Was still hungry afterwards, small plates. Approx $70 for 2 plates of pasta, 2 glasses of beer and a expensive bottle of unwanted water. No sorry - for this amount have we eaten waaaays better this two weeks of our stay on other restaurants in the nearby area.

Adrien Gillon
Aug 10, 2016

Great place. Nice crew, prices are ok and the meals are delicious. Plus it's not often crowded so it's a good point.

Martin Aspeck
Oct 9, 2016

Great food, good service and great choice of beers . Afordable. A Nice place

Rebecca Knowles
Oct 15, 2016

The service was great, but the food was mediocre, for the most part. The roasted beet salad was the standout, and the salmon was also pretty good, but my pasta dish with a pesto cream sauce was average. Prices were ok, but I think we could have done better elsewhere in Hell's Kitchen.

Erica Muse
Apr 16, 2016

The food here is good quality and tasty. The plates are a little small, but you will still be full. Just kinda small by American standards. Other than that, the service is nice and the food is fresh and well made. A little pricey, but worth it to me!