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Oct 21, 2016

This night was a disaster. Do not order raviolis, you have nothing into it (only 5 little piece). They throw the plates to your face without even presented them, nobody has the pasta we ordered in front of us. "Gratuitys" for 11$... Wtf? They took our plates at the seconds we finished it like they want us to leave... No wine under 40$. Please stop it now, do not go at this place, do not give them your money. DO NOT GO HERE!

Harold Barrett
Oct 28, 2016

Mortified by a waitress by the name of Otilia. The food was OK at best but the service was terrible, the bill presented was paid with a generous 8% tip for the waitress for moving 4 plates 3 feet from the grill to our table but she was unhappy with the tip and called me out in front of the entire restaurant. Avoid this place until they instil some manners on their staff or pay them a living wage, it lets the town down.

Nicholas Gerasimatos
Aug 11, 2016

My favorite Italian restaurant in all of New York city. Service is outstanding and the food is fantastic. I love to visit here for lunch before the big rush. Overall you can't go wrong coming here for a business lunch, dinner or on a date.

Antonio Di Cosimo
Jun 21, 2016

I'm not surprised to see that this restaurant only has four stars and not the full five. It first opened a few years ago and was flat out no question the best Italian restaurant I had ever been to outside of Italy and better than some of the best places I have been to in Italy. Shortly after it opened, about two years later, the quality diminished a little bit where they deserve to lose that one star. However at 4 stars this restaurant still is the best and most authentic Italian restaurant I have ever been to outside of Italy. In addition to that this restaurant stays true to the specific region of Italy that the recipes all come from which is the region known as Puglia in the south east of Italy. The owner Fabio, is a quirky slightly introverted and a little bit odd character, but he is the mastermind of this gem of a restaurant and he can act however he wants as long as he keeps putting out the quality along with the truly authentic atmosphere that is Mercato.

Michael Power
Jul 2, 2016

Nice ambiance - small place but not pokey. Food was really good - two specials were excellent and traditional spaghetti had the kids calling for an extra serving. Tiramisu and macchiato to finish. Lovely! 4.5 stars - so gets the other half just for good luck!