Bogey's Bar & Restaurant

5 Reviews

Meagan Padgett
Sep 3, 2016

The waitress was nice but the wait for food was so long. When the food did come it was simply just ok. My chicken tasted like it was saturated in butter and the alvacado on my boyfriends plate was so unripe it was hard. It was way too expensive for the wait and qaulity.

Rusty Wilson
Mar 20, 2016

I am a faithful customer at Bogey's; eating there often at lunch as well as dinner. If you have a problem, I would suggest that you ask to speak to Michelle, the owner, who is always there. If she cannot make you happy, she will for sure ask you to return at another time courtesy of her and her husband, Brad. No one is perfect and things do go wrong sometimes, but at least let someone know before bashing their place of business. I believe DeFuniak is very fortunate to have such a nice restaurant in our town.

brian douglas
Oct 12, 2016

Heard about this place from a friend. Great food, atmosphere and service.

Christine S
Mar 19, 2016

It took 10 minutes to even get our drink orders in. Then forever for our kids meals and appetizers. A total of 1 hr and 30 minutes spent there when we got our main course. I asked the lady that brought our food for a box since we waited forever and she started arguing with me. Saying 40 minutes is normal at a restaurant to wait for your meal. Umm no not when ordered separately from the appitizer. I'm assuming since because we look in our twenties we had poor service. Three tables sat after us all got their food before us. Like noticibly sat after us. We sat with empty drinks for a while. We had high hopes when we got there. It was beautiful inside but you must only get good service if you know the owners or something. They kept saying they had large parties but the restaurant was empty and the parties weren't visible.

Kathryn Adams
Apr 21, 2016

Excellent Grouper Almodine! Very friendly, attentive staff! Just dropping through for the night in Defunika Springs. I highly recommend Bogey's.