RED 58

5 Reviews

Joe Holland
Oct 22, 2016

We were looking for a easy place after the North Texas win over West Point and we stumbled onto Red 58. Good food, good service, exactly what we were looking for. We will be back. J and B. Denton, Texas

Bethany Johnson
Aug 10, 2016

The cocktail selection was fantastic. We didn't try the food though, because the bar was so dark.

Chris Richard
Oct 22, 2015

We had the after party to my brothers wedding at Red 58 on October 17th, 2015. We absolutely loved it! The food was delicious, the drinks were amazing, and they even let us play our own music. Thanks again for everything, our guests could not have been happier!

Mohamed Baiomy Ahmed
Jul 11, 2015

The hamburger is good. I tried the red 58 hamburger with fries. The only thing I would suggest is to order it without the sauce inside the hamburger. Prices are good for the service offered

Bryan A. Harmsen
Oct 12, 2012

I didn't eat but google wouldnt let me post without a food rating. I want to love this place but... its 45 degrees outside and the air conditioning is blowing full force and its freezing in here. The other issue.. I don't know what $$ is supposed to mean in Google/Zagat terms but $15-18 sandwiches and $11 glasses of wine is classic midtown pricing.