China Fun Restaurant

5 Reviews

Kyle Nelson
Apr 10, 2016

Tasty food. General chicken is severed with lots of sauce, almost too much.

Tommy Reed
Nov 27, 2015

A typical Chinese take out joint. Their lo mein is decent. So is their sweet and sour chicken.

Cory Loriot
Jun 7, 2010

We've picked up food from there from time to time, but if you get anything with chicken in it, ask for white meat only. I love the fried wontons and egg drop soup. I don't think it's anything spectacular or even noteworthy, but if you have a craving for "Chinese" food, it will do the trick. Their sesame chicken is OK, but only if you ask for light sauce, because otherwise the broccoli and meat is drowning in an overwhelming amount of sauce. They usually give you a time estimate, but if you show up on time to pick up the order, it usually takes more time than they said.

Michael Campbell
Feb 26, 2015

the top Chinese food place in pace fl

Bill Hart
Jul 20, 2011

Very run of the mill chinese.....nothing special