5 Reviews

Sir Raymond the Creative
Jul 11, 2016

I received my food before I received my receipt. Fast food can't get much faster than that. Great food, service, and speed. Very friendly crew, almost too friendly for my taste.

Melissa Reiter
Oct 6, 2016

What's not to love! Number one with American cheese please ????

Megan Flowers
Jul 18, 2016

Wonderful company! Manager is very attentive to the needs and concerns of the customers in Pace, Florida.

Megaly Spencer
Aug 28, 2016

Great customer service, amazing food, and the restaurant was really clean :)

Charles Hobbs
May 24, 2016

Love this place. Also, glad Chick-fil-A is standing by Mr. Kathy's beliefs and staying closed on Sunday. Great job!!