Cisco's Restaurant

5 Reviews

Stephanie Fast
Oct 10, 2016

Normally we have a great experience here however this time it was a unsatisfactory experience. The food is great, and the prices are reasonable. Every other time my family's been here we've had fast service. And the staff is very friendly and very nice, however this time it seems that everybody wasn't on the same page. We came in sat down while two other couples came in behind us and also set down. My family didn't get their drinks until after the other two couples have their order taken and brought to them. We waited around 30 minutes and we still haven't even gotten our salads that we ordered while everybody who came in after us up to like 15 minutes after got their salads. Super sweet staff, and I know they were aggravated that we had to leave, however there is no reason that we should have waited that long without even getting our salads. Because of the level of aggravation we probably will not come back to this place. Once again very nice staff and good food just incredibly slow service that we weren't used to after being customers for the last 4 years. On good days I give them for stars, and for friendliness I give them 5.

Michael Winkleman
Oct 20, 2016

Best biscuits and tomato gravy I've had! Minus one star for flies buzzing around.

Jennie Roper
Aug 17, 2016

Great food reasonable prices! Generous portions!??

Lisa Locklin
Jul 8, 2016

Very poor service! Sat for 12 minutes before we even received menus. The food was good, but they need better waitresses.

Larry Urban
Sep 5, 2015

Absolutely the best fried shrimp or oyster Po'Boys in Milton. Very generous portions with fresh ingredients. A must have if you want a top notch sandwich. I highly recommend Cisco's!