Coffee Break Cafe

5 Reviews

Suzanne Kish
Sep 20, 2016

Great coffee and a great staff! They make you feel welcome and are so friendly. I love the atmosphere and they allow us to have our once a month worship practice there.

Tracy Price
Sep 11, 2016

LOVE their products, especially chai-based beverages. Fabulous sandwiches! Friendly atmosphere, plenty of seating.

Joie Tisdale
Jun 21, 2016

UPDATE 6/21 This morning the owner of this establishment contacted me to talk about this review. He asked questions about my past experiences there, and showed genuine concern over my issues. The fact that he would take time to address me personally says a lot about his integrity. As I said before, the people and the place are amazing. I understand that sometimes businesses go through a bit of a "rough patch". I believe this place and the people who work there have what it takes to make it work out. I intend to continue eating here, and will still suggest it to friends. USED TO BE AMAZING!!! The people are still very friendly, the service is good, and Boars Head meats are delicious! Unfortunately, I feel that the quality of the food is falling. This morning when I ordered my bagel with cream cheese I noticed that the container of cream cheese was about half the size of the containers I've gotten from them in the past, for the same price. That is definitely not enough cream cheese for a whole bagel!!! The time before that I ordered a sandwich, and the bread was stale...the crust so stale it left an abrasion on the roof of my mouth when I tried to bite it. The time before that, the pickle that comes in the little bag with your sandwich was sitting in cloudy juice and had what appeared to be a bit of tuna fish on it. All of this over the last month or two. I'm very disappointed that I place I loved so much seems to be going down hill. I just hope they turn it back around soon!

Jerry Hall Jr
Jul 13, 2016

Friendly servers, good coffee, quaint little place. Has wooed me away from my beloved Dunkin Donuts and become my morning coffee spot while in town.

Shane Tucker
Aug 3, 2016

Great coffee shop. Wonderful team of workers!