Burger King

5 Reviews

Faron Hicks
Jul 22, 2016

Fast, friendly, clean. I've been to a lot of poor Burger Kings, but not this one. Always a joy to go here. Great staff.

Aaron Godwin
Apr 15, 2016

Overall I like Burgerking food. Especially adding A1 to a burger... mmmm. They unfortunately made it wrong and were even slow on the remake. Can't got wrong with a pie and freestyle dribk machine.

Tevin To real hill
Aug 30, 2016

A place of business an they hired new people that gets your order out fast and very nice an greeting helpful clean place of business

Dennis Willis
Apr 23, 2016

They BURNT, and I do mean BURNT my caramelized (more like charcoalized) onions on my Philly cheese sandwich. And we had a second sandwich that the meat was actually cold. Had problems with this store in the past but hoped that with a high turn-over rate, that maybe they would hire people that actually care. Not the case.

R Myrick
Oct 4, 2016

Convenient. Reasonable price