Taco Bell

5 Reviews

Dixie Beard
Jan 31, 2016

It is the best Taco Bell! The food is excellent and the service is good too. Everyone is very friendly. I used to go to one down the street. The food wasn't good. My orders were usually wrong. The service was bad. The employees were rude. I love the Pace Taco Bell!

Tim Trowbridge
Oct 13, 2016

Service was fast, food was good... Young lady at the counter was above and beyond courteous!

Bo Price
Nov 27, 2015

Usually fairly quiet here with people coming in and out or using the drive thru. The service here is great and your order is ready pretty quick. This is a great place to grab a quick bite to eat with some friends!

Daryl Bailes
Oct 25, 2016

Good food fast for the price.

Dave Harrison
Oct 17, 2016

Great drive thru service.