Domino's Pizza

5 Reviews

Benjamin Williams
Feb 7, 2016

Domino's is the only pizza I will eat. They make the food easy to get, and they make it easy to eat. I can not find one thing to complain about from Domino's. Their website is extremely easy to use. Their delivery drivers are kind and cheerful when they arrive at your house. The food is always steaming hot when you open that first box of goodness. Go ahead, I know your hungry now. Thank you Domino's.

David Schirmer
Sep 1, 2016

Had to wait 45 minutes for order to be complete and it was just 3 pizzas. They ran out of onions so they replaced with green peppers on one (they did ask) but just left them off on the second. Guess I should have looked in the boxes before I left.

CJ Jacker
Aug 7, 2016

Another person posted saying one of their pizzas was only half cut and the other pizza was half not cut. What is the difference there? Half cut and half not cut is the same thing. Also, I think he meant to say "sauce" instead of "souse". Huge difference there! This Domino's worked out great for me when I had it delivered to work.

Jacob Meyer
Mar 22, 2016

The pizza was good due to the circumstances but one of the pizzas were only half cut the other half not cut. Way to much souse for medium souse on it. Pizza was a little soggy and the commercial on tv said 50% off if order online which I did not get so anther down fall. but in general the pizza was good.

Paul Stull
Apr 28, 2016

Service is always extraordinary. They go the extra mile to ensure great service. The food is always excellent.