Jin Jin Chinese Restaurant

5 Reviews

Amanda Chandler
Aug 1, 2016

I absolutely love this place food is great well portioned and a decent price the best thing is they deliver i order hear so often they practically know my order I highly recommend this take out!!!

Margaret Sukovaty
Dec 30, 2015

If I could give a 2 1/2 star, I would. We ordered takeout for dinner last night and everything was either OK, slightly less impressive or disgusting. The portions were standard. They certainly didn't make any extra effort to bless you with a few extra pieces of anything. We are new to the area (military family) and will most definitely be trying out the other 2 Chinese restaurants in town before we return to Jin Jin's. Below is a list of items we ordered and our opinions of the dishes. I hope you find this review helpful. White rice - delicious! Moist and sticky, just the way we like it. Chicken fried rice - Slightly dry and lacking salt for flavor. Beef lo mein - Good, noddles were cooked perfectly. Beef was tasty. Crab rangoon (cheese wontons) - Filling was on a sweet side which is not our favorite Sweet & Sour Chicken - Completely unimpressive. Served lukewarm at and fried in a tempura batter (our least favorite styles of preparation). Void of flavor. Sweet & Sour Sauce - Processed and completely gross. It was a neon orange chemical soup with no flavor. Pu Pu Platter - Almost every dish included was dry, dry, DRY! The spring rolls (pre-made but still tasty) and crab rangoon were the only exceptions. Fried chicken- Tastless. Boneless Rib - Do not order! Despite the fact that it was marinating in a sauce the meat was dry as parchment paper and dyed (with food coloring??) the most disgustingly artificial redish-brown color. I should add that the upkeep (or lack thereof) of the facility makes me question the cleanliness of the place and the customer service is terrible. Below is my phone in order conversation with one of the workers: *ring* Jin Jin: (inaudible gurgle) Me: Um hello? Is this Jin Jin's? JJ: ya (inaudible gurgle) Me: I am sorry, what did you say? JJ: What your order?! Me: Oh! *details order* JJ: Ok, 20 minutes. *worker hangs up on me* Please note he didn't confirm my order, ask my name/phone number or tell me my total. Short, curt service.

Brice Gundard
Mar 2, 2013

Jin Jin's staff... the cook and the sweet girl who takes orders and helps out when slammed... are both amazing. They are masters of their cuisine, and I feed my family of 6 for two or three days for $20. Anyone with 4 kids KNOWS THAT'S PRETTY DAMN GOOD.

Matt Bair
Mar 27, 2016

Just called them with similar customer service as quoted here. - thanks, I will not be ordering

Robert Muzik
Jan 17, 2016

I called asking if they could substitute the battered shrimp they use in sweet and sour shrimp and put that shrimp in the shrimp with vegetable. I didn't want not battered shrimp. It must require someone with more cooking IQ than they have. I was told absolutely not on 2 different occasions. I guess that is why they are in a strip mall right next to BIG LOTS. Nice job you morons