Chili's Grill & Bar

5 Reviews

brian allyn
Aug 18, 2016

Was a terrible meal. My queso chicken was warm at best, cheese only on a few pieces. The food took forever to come out. The restaurant floor was nasty and not being taken care of. My wife soup was barely warm and was forgotten when food was first brought out. My daughters fajita chicken had good spices but chicken was watery and tasted terrible. We all just ended up leaving and eating just a few bites.

Kaitlyn P
Aug 30, 2016

Their customer service is absolute CRAP. Do NOT use their To-Go service. They will screw up your order and won't even have it ready at the time requested. Forget about the "Bring it to my car" service, the likelihood of someone actually being in the to-go area to see you is extraordinarily slim to none! Also, don't go near opening time. Not only will NO ONE be at the to-go area but the bartender that they direct you to go see for your to-go order will also be absent. If you are in any kind of time restriction, forget getting your meal here.

kara shumaker
Jul 31, 2016

Everyone was very sweet. The tableside guacamole is my favorite menu item. Please don't take it away. ????

Tony Coogle
Oct 16, 2016

Great food. Reasonable prices. We will keep coming.

Tiler Diamond
Apr 1, 2016

Absolutely incredible! Service is great! Everyone is so friendly! The margaritas are incredible!