Boomerang Pizza Kitchen

5 Reviews

Todd Wolfe
Oct 5, 2016

I got takeout, so this review is only for the pizza and the gift shop lobby. Fun little store with cool little gift items. The place had a fun retro hipster vibe. It is right downtown within easy waking distance of everything. It looked like they had a nice dining area (but, again, I didn't eat in there) The pizza was pretty good, I was satisfied. It wasn't wood-fired brick-oven crispy-chewy, but it also wasn't a doughy American chain-store abortion. If you are in Milton, this seems like a fun cool place to grab a bite. Would recommend to friends.

Divya Yeks
Sep 3, 2016

What an awesome experience. Really cool, uptown concept in a small town. The decor, music, gift shop, and bottled soda choices were great. The pizza? If you like thin, crispy brick oven tasty deliciousness, this is your place!

Tatyana Galenkova
Oct 3, 2016

Absolutely loved the place. We had to wait on our food longer than expected, but it was delicious. The pizza was the best I've had in a few years. The salad, ravioli, butternut squash soup were so tasty and fresh. I can't wait to go there again.

Jessica Harty
Jul 25, 2016

Fantastic pizza! They make their dough fresh every day and they never skimp on the toppings. The prices are great for a specialty pizza shop and it has a little shop up front with fudge and little novelty things. The atmosphere is like 50/60s diner so the booths and decor are wonderful. Huge wine selection as well.

JD Odom
Jun 29, 2016

Nice little hidden gem in Milton, Florida. My family and I have had several different pizzas at Boomerang and they were all delicious. In the mood for salad? The chef's salad is top notch! Boomerang pizza also has great homemade fudge and some really unique wines and sodas. There is also a little shop in the front part of the restaurant that sells "old school" toys and gadgets. Boomerang is a great family dining experience.