Burger King

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michelle s
Jul 26, 2016

This location needs some serious training on customer service. Every time a meal was ordered it was quickly followed is that it? Really, shouldn't it be can I get you anything else? It's almost as an punishment to be there like it pains their employees to do something like take an order? And this has happened with multiple visits love the food but hate the service. Final straw tried calling to let them know an error on our order but, like there customer service their phones don't work either????

Justin Harrell
Sep 19, 2016

French toast sticks aren't bad at all. I went early in the am so nobody was there and the girl working the front was very friendly. I would eat here again.

Bo Price
Jun 6, 2016

Super fast and excellent service here! I have yet to have a problem with this location, and I always have my food within minutes. I'm not saying that they are not going to make mistakes, but they have yet to make one with me!

May 22, 2016

Closed on 2pm on a Sunday. Cmon fam wyd?

Maggie Young
Jul 12, 2016

The food is ok. I mean, it's burger King. What do you expect. My problem is that I have never seen a smile or anything from the people working here. They are short with you and just seem miserable every time we go there.