La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant

5 Reviews

Christopher McCray
Aug 13, 2016

Was served burnt food and was missing most of what was supposed to be on it. When it was brought to their attention they were happy to take my plate for me and I got to watch the rest of many family eat. Turned a good time out with the family into a very bad outing not worth ever visiting again, Mc Donalds would be fine dinning next to this place and the hospitality would be better.

Aaron Presley
Sep 5, 2016

Showed up with my chihuahua, which they let me bring inside because it was too hot, and ordered two meals to go. Food was brought to me within 5 mins. Lovely. Never dissapointed.

Jennifer Musgrave
May 20, 2016

This place is a Pace staple. I've loved it since it opened when I was in middle school. Is it the best Mexican food I've ever had? No. But it's still delicious, always fast, and the customer service can't be beat. I've lived in three cities since Pace, and I still come home to LaHa.

Mallisa Scott
Apr 26, 2016

Overall it's average, typical quick Mexican fare. Chips from a bag, not fresh tasting at all. Ask for jalapeño in your cheese dip, get just cheese dip. Say what you want to eat and hear "please just say the number"..... uh... ok then. Food tasted fine though. Even if it looked thrown on the plate and scooped on quick with a ladle. No alcohol is served here at all!! No margaritas?? Just an overall bummer.

Rick M
Sep 30, 2016

Always a family friendly atmosphere. Great food at an affordable price.